The ‘Overpronation’ Myth

Overpronation is a term that you come across a lot in connection to running shoes and running injuries. All runners seem to know about it and there seems to be so many self declared experts in it, like the toning shoes experts! Overpronation is generally assumed to occur when the ankle rolls inwards at t he ankle joint and the arch of the foot becomes flatter. It is usually considered a bad thing and needs to be prevented as it is claimed to be linked to a number of different running injuries. There is certainly debate about that. The reason for the debate is a lack of a clear consensus on what overpronation is and just what that link to injury is. Despite that different running shoes are designed for mild, moderate and severe overpronators. There is certainly a lack of science to support that.

Overpronation is caused by many different things and this also means that if a runner has it, then treatment should be directed at the cause of the overpronation and not by some generic, one method suits everyone approach to it. It seems silly to treat them all with foot orthotics or changing the running technique or strengthening the muscles or self treat or etc, when there are many different causes. Logic would dictate that you treat the cause. That is, of course, assuming that it actually needs treating. There are so many myths associated with overpronation. so be careful what you read and believe.