Using Foot Creams

There are a number of different foot lotions available out there with nearly every one of these making a claim to be the best and able to work wonders to fix every case of dried-out skin on the foot. If you have skin about the feet that’s dry or hard skin about the your back heel that’s cracked, then a very good foot cream is going to be useful. It will be challenging to discover a way through all the marketing hoopla and promises generated by all of the different brand names and types of creams that you can get to discover one that’s most useful for you.

Sadly, you cannot find any research that has been carried out that has studied evaluating the different sorts of creams and just how they can impact the dry as well as cracked heels about the feet. It is actually surprising that no research has been carried out even though concurrently a variety of brand names claim to be considerably better when there’s zero basic research proving they are. There has been a good amount of research done into the different skin problems and the physiology on the skin conditions, therefore a lot is known about this. What a good deal isn’t known with regards to is what skin cream make use of and when to apply it.

A very important factor that this research has revealed is that in each and every case of the many different conditions that cause dried-out skin, we have a noted deficiency of urea in the skin. Depending on that it may be presumed that if you might need a cream for the feet, then a reasonable product to begin can be one that contains urea. There’s not a lot of basic research that has consistently demonstrated some other deficiencies which would show what other ingredients in conjunction with the urea might be advantageous. Because of this it is usually dependent on testing until you locate one which suits your skin. This could turn out to be fairly complex because the individual response to the various foot creams is rather diverse.

These urea creams, such as Walker’s Urea Foot Cream can be found in a number of different strengths with every different strength possessing a distinct impact. The lower concentrations with the urea, as much as 15-20% are usually better with re hydrating dried-out skin. The middle strengths of urea, about 25% are ideal for both re-hydrating the skin as well as help take away a lot of the hard dry skin. Concentrations of approximately 40% can be utilized under occlusion to help you with the heavier split hard skin as well as deformed toenails. There are several other components within these urea based foot creams and other brands have differing quantities of additional elements, so it is actually a matter of experimentation to discover which one suits you.

Quite possibly of much more value than the choice of brand or kind of skin cream is really using it. There isn’t any point getting a cream and then not using it frequently. Initially the cream probably should be used twice a day after which once daily soon after it has improved. The foot cream has to be used in order for it to be of any use.